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  •   Harvia M3.- is a stylish classic design oven for small family saunas. Quickly heat, maintains effective air circulation. The exterior finish is painted in black, the upper rim is made of stainless steel.

    Price: 520.00 EUR
  •    The high quality Harvia 20 Pro wood sauna heater is the choice of a sauna enjoyer who appreciates a hearty and enjoyable sauna. The sauna heater has a stylish cast-iron glass hatch through which you can admire and listen to the live fire. The atmospheric crackling of the fire will make your sauna time a perfectly relaxing experience. The sauna heaters large rock space ensures that you never run out of steam.


    Price: 619.00 EUR
  •    Compact 2017 woodburning stove is an upgraded version of the popular small and powerful Compact stove. The stove has a new state-of-the-art design. There are also some improvements in its structure.
    The stone compartment is divided into two parts, which contributes to a more intensive heating of the stones. There are also additional holes for the discharge of excess water in the deepest part of the stone compartment in case of its excessive supply, which prevents corrosion. The flue of the new stove is located in the centre, for the sake of its convenient mounting.
       This stove is ideal for a small sauna and is mainly intended for the Finnish sauna mode with higher temperature and low humidity.

    Price: 630.00 EUR
  • Termofor Sayani Vitra - original design, static-shaped sauna stove with 120 kg of stones. This amount of stones is sufficient for the accumulation of heat and production of the abundant and gentle steam.The oven furnace has a diagonal measurement of 39 cm, it gives the fireplace image, which you can watch from the sauna dressing room.

    Price: 790.00 EUR
  •     Vega BC80 is easy to mount on a separate mounting rack. Because of the symmetrical design, there is no need to change the handedness of the heater - it is simply selected. Electrical connections are made from the side of the heater, which makes installation easy. Vega's structure makes it possible to mount the heater low on the sauna wall. This allows the heat to spread evenly throughout the sauna, ensuring that the lower benches also enjoy plenty of heat. The Vega models BC45, BC60, BC80 and BC90 are equipped with a built-in control unit. 

    Price: 395.00 EUR
  •  The new Harvia Moderna sauna heater is the royalty of electric heatings. Thanks to Harvia's patented control technology, Moderna heats your sauna quickly and quietly to the temperature of your choice - with an accuracy of one degree! The Moderna heater maintains the temperature throughout your bathing session. Moderna is also a nice decorative element with its stylish design.

    Price: 769.00 EUR
  •   Harvia Cilindro PC70XE Black Steel 7kW is a modern electric sauna heater with digital control. The stove's dark, specially treated Black Steel surface adapts to the environment, bringing out the living surface of the steel beautifully. Thanks to its large amount of sauna rocks, the sauna heater provides sauna lovers with a soft steam for a medium sauna. The pillar-shaped heater can also be recessed in the middle of the benches. The PC70XE is suitable for saunas from 6 to 10 m³.

    Price: 799.00 EUR
  • Power range from 18kw to 26 kw

    18 kw-Width: 600mm. High: 760mm Length: 300mm.
    22 kw-Width: 650mm. High: 850mm Length: 300mm.
    26 kw-Width: 700mm. High: 900mm Length: 300mm.

    Price: 320.00 EUR
  • Because of its unique design, this heater is more effective due to heat transfer through the octagonal shape. It heats up really quickly and fits bigger tubs like 1800mm - 2200mm diameter perfectly. You can also add thermometer and pressure valve, as well glass door. 

    Price: 520.00 EUR
  • Powerful and reliable model. It is the only round model that we have, but you may choose from three sizes, that would fit your tub the best. 

    Price: 390.00 EUR