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 1.-Wooden hot tubs. Wooden hot tubs are made of Siberian spruce  wood and is light colored. To produce these hot tubs, thoroughly  selected planks are used which are lightweight and practical. This selection is a perfect balance between price and quality. Term of use the hot tubs is very long, between ten to fifteen years. In addition to these  practical qualities, spruce is also highly regarded by experts in aromatherapy for its healing and relaxing qualities. Indeed, it is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which aid the body’s natural healing process. Wooden tubs dimensions can range from 1.0 meters to 3.2 meters in size. These hot tubs are equipped with internal or external wood burning stoves. It is possible to install air bubbles and hydromassage systems. An air bubble system is the perfect upgrade if you are looking to get the maximum therapeutic benefits of your wooden hot tubs.  That will relax and soothe your muscles, as well as keep the water rotating and moving around your body. If you are looking for a relaxation and wellness option for your garden. Then a spruce wood hot tub is just the right thing for you!  An all-around enriching and completely healthy wellness experience. Our offers is aimed at people from young to old. 

2.-Plastic hot tubs PP.  Plastic hot tubs are made of polypropylene material and they are very convenient to use.  Various sizes and forms possible. Round models for 4-12 persons. Rectangular models for 6-14 persons. This type tubs will definitely help you to organize the best meetings. You can fit up to 14 people in there. Can you imagine a pool party in a tub? What a great time, at night, with LED lights on and a bubble massage. Unforgetta ble time and fun all over the year, and it does not matter how cold it is outside. Ofuro type baths for 2 persons. Their exterior finish is made of Siberian spruce, larch or termo wood. Polypropylene (plastic PP) used for these hot tubs is grey, black and light blue colored. Plastic hot tub maintenance is especially simple – accumulated dirt is easily removed by draining the tub. This type of hot tubs are produced with wooden or plastic benches and complemented with complete SPA system installation, air bubble massage system, water massage system and LED lights 6 RGB as requested by the customer. Interior benches  may come in 3 different styles: polypropylene (PP) closed (saves water), PP open benches (more space for legs) and wooden benches. It is also possible to connect a water filtration system, this helps to save water. Water capacity of 1400-16000 litres. For water heating, you can choose an internal or external oven. Recommended water temperature is 38 degrees.  The hot tubs are designed for long life and do not need to be constantly replaced. With the purchase of a hot tub, a year-long pleasure is guaranteed! We wish you, good relaxation an spa.   

3.-Glass fiber hot tubs. This type of hot tubs looks very luxurious. Their interior shape is made to compliment human spine shape that’s why it’s comfortable to sit in these hot tubs and it feels like sitting in an armchair. Glass fiber hot tubs can be manufactured in various colors and complemented with complete SPA system installation, air bubble massage system, water massage system and LED lights 6 RGB as requested by the customer. Glass fiber hot tubs come with three types of furnaces: internal, external and integrated. The heater will heat the water faster, whereas wall and bottom insulation that is already included, will save you time and money. Can be connected sand filtration system  filter for chemical-free water treatment. These hot tubs are easy to maintain and clean. External stairs you choose from the examples. We wish you, good relaxation and spa. 

4.- Saunas. Sauna is an ancient Finnish word, however, the ritual of sauna bathing has existed in every corner of the world for many hundreds of years and in a variety of different fashions. Nowadays we break them down into two categories, traditional Finnish saunas, and steam rooms. Descriptions of saunas history very early examples of the sauna are the Finnish Smoke Sauna (savusaunas). Mesoamerican Sweat Lodge (Temazcal). Roman Thermae. Turkish Hammam, and the Japanese Sentō. Historically using a sauna was not only a bathing activity but also a social one, and that social aspect of sauna bathing is still a very prominent part of culture today. The saunas today are made of various shapes and sizes of Siberian spruce and Siberian larch. They are configured with the most popular assembly and according to customer needs. They are constructed equipped with firewood or electric furnace. Interior steam room benches are made of black alder, aspen or lime tree wood. These saunas can be equipped with interior and exterior lighting, bitumen roof cover and other accessories which you can find in our offer section.Traditional saunas use an wood burning stove Harvia-M3 with very dense Peridotite rocks placed on the heating elements. Before taking a sauna the cabin is heated for around 30 minutes allowing the air temperature to rise to 80°C or more. At the same time, the air is dried to a very low humidity of 10° or less. It is this very hot desert dry condition that gives rise to the unique sauna bathing experience. Splashing water onto the sauna rocks gives a short lived burst of extra humidity and the experience of the temperature rising very quickly to induce copious amounts of perspiration and relaxation. 

 5.-Camping houses.  They are made of various shapes and sizes of Siberian spruce planks which are 46 mm thick. These camping houses are equipped with exterior lighting, bitumen roof cover, doors and window. Interior is divided in to two spaces: antechamber and bedroom. In the antechamber you will find a table and some benches, and in the bedroom – wooden bed and a window. Lighting is wired both in the antechamber and the bedroom. Antechamber and bedroom dimensions can be adjusted according to customer requests. Recommended room dimensions can be found in our offer section..

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