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 The company "Agrosija MB" is a production company that produces wood-fired hot tubs, wooden outdoor saunas and camping cabins. Our wood-fired hot tubs and outdoor saunas are built in the traditional Scandinavian sauna assembly style. We produce Barrel and Igloo models, as well as modern classics. These models will perfectly complement the yard or garden of any home. We export most of our products to European Union countries. We use only the highest quality wood and other complementary materials for our products. Therefore, we are appreciated in Europe for high-quality products, which are ensured by highly qualified specialists.

      Product models and prices are published on the web in the product advertising section. Choose a language you understand. Click on the relevant links, the links have a green background and are presented with the name of the product group. Choose the desired product, fill in the form below the product, (I want to get an offer) enter the postal code of the delivery address. After receiving your request, we will prepare an individual offer for you with a detailed product description and delivery options. All products delivered to the buyer directly from the manufacturer's warehouse !!!  

      To order, according to individual order an outdoor hot tub or sauna, or have additional questions, about our product range, call us, our consultant will answer all your questions and provide the desired information.

                      Phone and WhatsApp number: e-mail: [email protected]
       Our working hours are from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm and on Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. 


  All photos on our website are provided by our customers or from our production process. Therefore, the photos on the website are real and not taken by a photo studio. The quality of the photos may not be 100% clear and some images may be visible. This is because they are uploaded by our customers, so keep that in mind when browsing our site.

               You can see more about our products and fulfilled orders here. Click on this link:                                                                   

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