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Instructions for using the wooden, fiberglass or polypropylene bath, sauna and camping lodges.

      All our products are granted by a 2-year warranty from the date of delivery of the goods.

Our tips for maintaining an outdoor spa tub.

    Rules for maintenance  of wooden hot tubs  installation and care.

    Wooden Hot tub is produced of natural materials, which implies certain conditions of usage. 

During the first use of a Wood-fired Hot Tub, the probability of leakage is quite high. Don’t worry it is the natural reaction of wood. We advise you filling your new hot tub with water for several times in order to let the wood absorb the required amount of water. This action will allow the hot tub swell, and water leakage disappear.

   Wood fired heaters are specially produced for outdoor hot tubs. Inside the heater, water circulates itself without any pump, therefore correct installation and connection of the stove is necessary, to avoid disrupting the natural water circulation cycle. It must be noted that if there is a possibility of water getting frozen, it should be drained from the oven. Never leave the water in the hot tub in the colder months below zero 0° C (risk of freezing). Attached connecting the external stove to the tub layout.

     If the hot tub is made of glass or polypropylene, the water must be drained when the temperature is below 0 ° C when not used or heated regularly. It is necessary to keep the whirlpool clean and hygienic. The tub must be washed regularly, a brush and mild soap are perfect for this job. When it is necessary and appropriate to do so, a treatment with chlorine must be carried out. For commercial use, constant water chlorination and water filtration system is recommended. Do not forget !!! that the stairs can be slippery when they are wet. 

Do not use the oven without water. Make sure that the oven is filled with water before igniting the fire. 

Recommended water temperature 38-40 Celsius.

We wish you good spa.

Important tips when using sauna.

     First of all, it is necessary to prepare place for installation of a sauna. The surface needs to be leveled. Sauna can be installed either on wooden platform or concrete base in such a way that they were able to withstand no less than a couple of tons. In case the barrel is installed close to some other building, for instance, at the edge of the terrace, make sure that a chimney is disposed far enough from the roof of the construction. As soon as all preparations are made, install the sauna, heat it to the required temperature, and enjoy the best sauna bathing ever!

    One of the most important things to consider when choosing a Finnish outdoor sauna is the heating source the most popular are Harvia M3. power 16 kw. The are fired with firewood so the temperature can be adjusted by burning firewood and stones. The stones act as heat accumulators and the more stones there are, the more heat will spread in the sauna. If there is too much heat inside, you can always open the windows or doors to allow proper ventilation. Recommended the internal temperature of the sauna of 70-80 Celsius. Recommended after use of the sauna to take advantage of an outdoor shower or an outdoor whirlpool bath which is a very popular choice, It can be placed indoors or outdoors as a separate part of the outdoor Finnish sauna.

We wish you good spa.

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