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Parties involved in the transaction   

    Customer: an individual person or a company willing to purchase the product from the SELLER.

    (Further: “CUSTOMER”)

    Goods/Parcel: the product which is offered by the SELLER.

    The SELLER supplies and delivers goods to all Europe and some non-Europe countries namely. Please contact us and we will organize the delivery.

Shopping and ordering is easy. Here are few simple steps

1- Select and order your product(s).

2. Click on [add to cart] Confirm your order.

3- We will contact you in one day and send you an invoice.

4- You will get the an invoice of items ordered and pay at least 30-50% of its value, with the balance of money due 3 days prior to the actual delivery, or on the day of delivery, with a redemption fee in cash. The detailed contract between both parties are signed and the invoice is issued. Prior the balance payment, SELLER sends pictures of the finished product. All prices found are in EUR.

If the goods will be delivered by our own drivers, payment in cash might be possible. Contact us for more information. Additional taxes (if any), namely: currency conversion is covered by the CUSTOMER.

5-The delivery address is communicated to the seller by e-mail. [email protected] We are taking care of the delivery process.

6-You can also make payments through PayPal:


   The seller undertakes to deliver the goods ordered and paid by the Buyer at the address specified by him. All international freight (goods) shipments are carried out in accordance with the CMR Convention signed in Geneva on the 19th of May, 1956.

     This Convention applies to contracts for the carriage of goods by road for remuneration when the consignor and the consignee are located in the territories of different countries and at least one of them is a member of the Convention.

     The Contracting Parties have prohibited, by way of separate agreements between two or more Contracting Parties, the amendment of this Convention, with the exception of the agreements to exclude it from the use of border traffic or the use of consignment notes indicating the right of ownership of goods transported only in the territories of these countries. All agreements in conflict with this Convention are void.


      The goods must be inspected prior the unloading. Any missing parts or destruction caused by transportation must strictly be marked in the shipping document (CMR), the document must be scanned and afterwards sent to SELLERS responsible person during 14 days. If the parcel did not meet your expectations, contact us and we will solve the problems. Failing to do so, we would accept returns and refund the products price if the product was not used within 14  days (does not apply to businesses). The parcel must be strictly packed (vertically on Euro pallet and strapped with plastic belts in case of the hot tub) as it was delivered. Return shipping costs are fully covered by the CUSTOMER.


       Special warranty form is given to the CUSTOMER in the contract signed by both parties. Exact warranty conditions and terms are explained in the contract. Warranty starts with the balance payment.

       Customer accepts that wood is a natural material. It must be noted that wood will have grains and knots which will vary since the product is hand-made. As a natural product timber will react to changes in atmospheric conditions (may shrink or expand). Visible splitting of the wood may occur as it expands and contracts with changes of humidity and temperature. They happenings are perfectly normal and natural. It must be noted that natural wood changes do not affect the integrity of the timber therefore splitting or cracks are not covered by any guarantee.

       Please note that Seller provides installation of all desired equipment but due to different country requirements does not provide end- electric installation services (different plug connections etc..) (concerns electric heater of a and individual designed sauna`s electric installation). Customer understands that the product was manufactured in a foreign country, therefore, end- electric installation services should be provided only by authorized technicians in Customer`s country (if requirements set out so).


Seller is not responsible for any failure to deliver caused by circumstances beyond their control including (but not limited to) strikes, terrorism, war, weather conditions, exchange fluctuations, governmental or regulatory changes and natural disasters.

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