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Plastic hot tub with spruce trim and hydromassage system.

Complete set:

1.Tank produced of plastic

    Color: blue, black, gray

    Exterior trim of fir wood 

1.Internal diameter 200cm

2.External diameter 220cm

3.Height 105cm

4.Water capacity 1150l

5. Wooden benches inside,

    or you can select from plastic.

6. Stairs select from the picture

7. Stove inside of stainless steel.

8. Ash shovel and rake for stoves.

9. External water release faucet.

10. Chimney with protection from heat.

11. Stainless steel lid cover for internal stove.

12. Wooden tub cover. Mini bar(bottle holder).

13. Hydro massage system 1.1kW, 6 jets in walls

14.1 LED lights with 6 different RGB colors each.

   For extra payment, we offer a effective water filtering system with sand. This system is the most effective means to the cleaning of the water vessel. (we will always advise to you)

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