AgroSija MB

Company code: 303359520

VAT Code: LT100010060213



Sodžiaus g.-vė 22. Vėžaičiai LT-96216 Klaipėdos rajonas. Lithuania

Phone / Viber / WhatsApp  LT+37064751009   Vidmantas Grauslys


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  Agrosija MB is a manufacturing and transport company, producing wood fired hot tubs, wooden outdoor saunas and their accessories, wooden furniture. Our wood fired hot tubs and outdoor saunas are constructed in the traditional style Barrel and Igloo. They are a great addition to any home or garden. A major part of our production is exported to the European Union countries. We only use the highest quality wood for our products. Therefore, we are valued in Europe for the high quality products, which is ensured by highly skilled and qualified specialists.                                                                                                                 Photos from us manufactures

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