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Oval shaped hot tub in polypropylene with hydromassage and air bubble massage.

Technical data and specifications:
1.Dimensions: (3200 x 2200 mm)
2.Water level - 90 cm;
3.Total height: 1050 mm;
4.Height of the benches: 320 mm
5. Polypropylene benches, closed type
6. Polypropylene material
    (available colors: gray, black, blue)
7. Wooden mini bar at the side, 2 pieces.
8.The upper edge of the wooden sill
9. Clamping ring made of stainless steel
10.Two-stage ladder (steps)
11. 3 pcs wooden lid with handles.
12. Thermal insulation of the tank 50 mm.
13. Drain of the external tap water.
14. Air bubble massage system 1,1kw,12 jets
15. Hydro massage system 1,5kw,10 jets 
16. 2pcs LED lighting system. 6 RGB.
17.Protection of the chimney against heat.
18. External stove 28 kW, AISI 430.
    (the stove cannot heated
     without filling with water)
19. Instructions for using the
     tub-tub in polypropylene.
20. Water filtration system, with quartz sand.
     with wooden box. It costs more 390 euros
We offer a effective water filtering system with sand.
This system is the most effective means to the cleaning of the exterior water vessel.

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