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SPA. Sauna from spruce with an anteroom "Igloo" L-4.0

    Standart set:

1.-Sauna Igloo produced from spruce;

2.-Roof covered with bitumen shingles

    of your selected color;

    (black green brown red)

3.-Two room inside:

    a sauna room and a changing room;

4.-2 tempered glass windows in the back wall;

5.-Tempered glass door with wooden handles;

6.-Glass door between sauna and dressing rooms

7.-2 benches for sauna sitting from deciduous wood;

8.-2 low sauna benches for legs of deciduous wood;

9.-Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove.

10.-Heater Harvia-M3 15,6kw with chimney.

Size: W2.2m x L4.0m x H2,5m Weight:990 kg

Saunas internal size: W2.10mxL2.8mxH2.3m

Dressing rooms Size: W2.10mxL1.0mxH2.3m

   In the price includes an electrical installation, lamps and ventilation system.

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